Antique Market

If you enjoy selling or purchasing furniture or clothing from different periods in history, you may want to consider opening an antique market. If you want to make your hobby into a business, you will also want to know about the various antique road shows and markets across the country that offer the quality products and customer service that you'll want to incorporate into your business.

One of the first things you may want to do is search through a few online stores to get a feel for the products you want to sell, and the business plan that you want to use for your antique market. You may only want to sell jewelry and accessories that are vintage, or you can open up a furniture store that only sells antique pieces from the Victorian or Art Deco eras. This will give you more of a focus when you go to trade shows, and will help you to manage the operation costs for your business in a more organized fashion. If you know that you're only shopping for one type of item, you won't have to figure out which antiques to fill your business with in order to attract more customers. This will also help you to gauge how well certain items will sell if you were to open a live store in your area (i.e. some people may want to buy lots of antique accessories, but aren't exactly interested in purchasing larger items). Starting your antique business online will help you to save money on rent space during the first part of your business, and it will be easy for you to advertised your antique market--you can start by sending emails out to your family and friends, asking them for their opinions on items you have purchased for your shop. Sites like and will definitely help.

If you decide that you want to sell a number of items that are rich in history and design at your antique market, it's important to make sure that the store (both online and live) is as organized as possible. For instance, if you want to sell grandfather clocks from the medieval times, you may want to showcase other antiques from that time period as a promotional campaign for your business (dishes and jewelry from this era are still quite popular with antique enthusiasts). Or, if you've just gotten a new shipment of jewelry in at your antique market, you may want to promote the fact that you have several sapphire pieces, or a jewelry set made from rubies. Lots of women like to have a set of jewelry that they can put on with a formal outfit without having to mix and match pieces, so this may bring more people in to take a look at what you have to offer. If you know the background story for the antique pieces, you may want to include this in the product description whether you're selling online or in a live store. This will let your customers know that they are definitely investing in something that is worth having in their home.

Be sure to check out some consignment shops in your area as well; thrift stores will also have great finds that you can use as inspiration when you're shopping for items to put in your own antique market.