Antiques Books

Want to know how much that antique lamp you bought is actually worth so you can tell if you've really gotten a deal? Do you need to know how to care for your antique pieces that have been in the family for years? Then you'll definitely want to check out the antiques books that are available online and at your local bookstore.

"The Antique Price Guide" is one of the first books that you'll want to browse through whether you're buying and selling items, or already have items that you need to get more information on. You'll also find great pictures of items that you may be interested in. Of course, you can also purchase antiques books that are from the 1800s and early part of the 1900s to add to your home library collection. You can find works by famous authors such as Charles Dickens or Sylvia Plath, and some of the books have been kept in great condition, so you can actually pick them up and read them once in a while. The books that will prove to be worth a lot of money (if you are planning on selling the items) are those that are in exceptionally good condition, or have interesting content in them, such as personal letters between friends, or the words to a world-famous fairy tale or story. If you want to know more about where to find these readable antiques, you can visit

You may also want to select antiques books based on the collections that you own. There are lots of books about coin collecting available on EBay and, and you can also find books about antique bottle collecting, such as "Bottles: Identification and Price Guide" by Michael Colak, or "Official Price Guide to Bottles" by Jim Megura. These books will teach you how to spot a treasure, and will give you suggestions on fair selling prices if you're going to be offering these items to the public. You can find more great books and descriptions at

Whether you're interested in finding old school books from the past century, or want to know how certain medical procedures were performed in the 1930s, you can find antiques books on these subjects as well by visiting The site has all the information you'll need to find out how to locate your favorite items, and you'll also find information on other antique items like rugs, lamps, and stamp collections. Information on live antique shows is also available on the site.

Browsing through the 'shopping' section of your Yahoo or MSN homepages will also give you an idea on what is collectible and what is not collectible. Antiques books can be found in many places, so happy shopping.